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Solution to StreamTorrent Has Expired

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    OK. I tried. I really did try my hardest. And I'm usually pretty smart with these things.

    But I just can't seem to get rid of the darn RedX.

    Loaded ST NE. Firewall is all set. Tried SmiteRedX3. Tried the kn file from this thread. Tried another kn file found on another forum.

    Said "OK, lets blow it all up, and try again." Uninstalled from Windows Control Panel. Deleted the Streamtorrent folder from user apps. Ran CCleaner, and even scrubbed the registry. Then I uninstalled/reinstalled Windows Media Player, just to be sure. Then tried everything I wrote in the paragraph above this one.

    What am I missing? Sorry for such a pathetic first post, but I would love to stream a quality stream of a game, while I'm stuck at work for 12 hours each Sunday.
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      I have recompiled the SmiteRedX utility to make it more robust under Windows 10.

      Perhaps that may prove effective for you?

      Please let us know

      SmiteRedX v4

      The details are in THIS POST


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        Woo Hoo! Yep, that did it. Connected less than 10 seconds after launching the program. Thank you *VERY* much!

        First time user of ST, so I had no idea just what "normal" operation would exactly look like. Was unsure if it was user error on my end or not.

        All looks like it is working now. Search for Sports found 420TV3, and all is playing normally.


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          Glad to hear it, Logos.

          Just a couple notes: the "search" function in ST doesn't really work. It was a feature-in-development when the original developer discontinued the project, so it is not fully implemented. Only old streams will show up in the search results. 420TV shows up only because it has been around longer than dirt!

          Since your main goal is to watch NFL sundays, I'd use today and the ST links in the NCAA football thread as a test run. Mac, ft420, and/or I will be around all day to help you work out any issues that may arise.

          Good luck and happy viewing.



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            Thanks to both of you for the help. Currently all is working, and have FT420 playing in VLC now. Will pull up the other channels to save in ST, so I'll have them available if I need some testing in the future.

            I unfortunately work 12 hour shifts Sun-Mon-Tue, so need a plug and play solution for watching any football at all (as I'm either working or asleep during games). Most of the browser/flash solutions are less than optimal (though bliner's are pretty good). Last year, there was someone on Reddit posting the Fox game streams in Acestream, amazing HD quality, but I haven't seen that this season.

            Getting this working today means I won't have to do any troubleshooting (at work) tomorrow. Thanks!