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[Streaming] NFL 2017 - Super Bowl LI

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    Originally posted by Oni View Post
    Yeah, just caught a glimpse of that replay... WTF were they thinking?!?? It's not like they've got a decent fullback to replace Coleman on that play.

    Probably will be a top 3 Super Bowl of all time, if not the greatest one ever imo.
    They weren't thinking. Just really, really stupid. Run and if you don't make it you punt. Eat up clock and you win.
    Give Brady a chance and he will make you pay for it. He did just that. 5 rings.

    25pts is the greatest comeback in SB history. What looked like to be a blowout turned into an unbelievable finish.

    Still, I don't like the overtime rule. Both teams should get the ball once no matter what.

    Anyway, I'm watching the rest of Primetime and then my channel will go dormant for about 7 months.

    Thanks to the mods here who put up the schedule every week and then add the links to the streams.
    Thanks to the other streamers.
    Thanks to the viewers and football fans around the world.

    Now we all go into football withdrawal . See you guys on Opening night the Thursday after Labor Day.
    My channel: Toughguy ST 250K


    Thank you to ALL streamers!


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      Thanks for all your efforts, my friend! There is always March Madness and pre-season streaming!
      ....and touch base occasionally, will ya?!

      If you ain't a Gator, you must be................ Gator Bait !!
      Big CHEERS To All Streamers! Geaux Saints!