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Swiss TV (German, French, Italian, English) Thanks to D_M_W

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  • I look over the page, with FreemyBrowser Chrome VPN Proxy, also works at WIlmaa Telebeoy and Zattoo


    • Hello everybody,

      Somehow I do not quite understand how I should enter what is on the description page 1. Can someone explain it more times, how to do it and then Teleboy and Wilmaa can look?

      Another question I have still, can you somehow Teleboy / Wilmaa streams look at the VU + Box? Or is there for it extra streams which one can enter the into the box and then on the television can look? In particular I am looking for the transmitters ATV, puls 8 and co.

      Thanks for the answers and help. Merry Christmas time to you


      • Hi.

        1. (first of all pointing availabily tu run/watch mentioned streaming-sites)
        Must run swiss-ip; possibly tor-project gives u needed ip /or payed vpn-service--> go to :

        2. (create folder and copy/paste what is needed)
        Must manage all needed parts to watch live --> go to :

        3. (if do u interesting as newbie user)
        To see baisc info --> go to:
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        • @Darby_Crash

          can please WatchTeleboyList problem fix messange can not login


          • @Darby_Crash. Thanks for the great work regarding your nice scripts. I enjoy them very much.

            Zattoo and Wilmaa are working absolutely fine with me with Swiss IP.

            But Teleboy is not working. I cannot login with the script, via a normal browser everything is working fine.

            Do you have any tips for me ?

            Best regards, Samoth


            • Updated scripts will be needed


              • Hello @Darby_Crash and all the others

                I was wondering about WilmaaTV. Does it not work anymore? The current script does not provide a m3u playlist. Is there any way to get an m3u playlist for wilmaa, to be able to play it in Kodi or other software?

                The WatchTeleboyList script shows the error message that my login data is wrong, while manual login into teleboy website works flawlessly with same login data. :/

                Thank you very much in advance!
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                • Hey Guys.
                  Do you know why Darby's Scriptpage is down? 401 Authorization Required.


                  • Originally posted by Chris78 View Post
                    Hey Guys.
                    Do you know why Darby's Scriptpage is down? 401 Authorization Required.
                    same for me . require user & password !


                    • Ceao Darby ! Can you help me with: user+pasword for Darby's Scriptpage ?
                      Thanks in advance !


                      • Hello to all
                        Can someone post the last darby_crash script?
                        His site does not work and he is no longer active as before